Okanagan Summer Hockey Camp

Okanagan Summer Hockey Camp

Posted by James Dewar on 29th Jun 2023

As the summer approaches, we are excited to announce that our upcoming hockey camps are just around the corner. We have a fantastic program lined up for the kids, filled with skill-building exercises, friendly matches, and valuable lessons both on and off the ice.

With the anticipation building, we wanted to share an important message that we believe will greatly benefit your child's experience during the camp. It's a simple yet effective way to ensure that their hockey gear doesn't get lost or misplaced among the hundreds of participants attending. We've heard it countless times before: "Mom was right, put your name on it!" Click here to get started!

To address this common issue, we are offering a unique opportunity to personalize your kids' hockey equipment with our partner, Stinky Lockers. We have three fantastic options available for pre-order:

These personalized items will not only make your child's gear easily identifiable but also add a touch of individuality to their belongings.

To pre-order and have them delivered to you BEFORE camp, click the link below.

We highly recommend placing your order as soon as possible to ensure you get your order before the start of your camp. These products will NOT be available on location and are pre-order and mail delivery order only.

Thank you for your support, and we can't wait to see your child's face when you give them their hockey swag!

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