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Figure Skating


Custom Figure Skating Products include personalized luggage bag tag, awards, personalized water bottle labels, trading cards & more. Our assortment of customize products are great for any skater or club. 

  • Choose from his or her design. Choose from his or her design.

    Figure Skating Bag Tag

    Personalized Luggage Tags - Fastpitch Customize your bag tag with the following options, including; Your Name Your Club Name Club Logo (Optional) Only $ 6.99 per bag tag or buy 2 or more for only $ 5 each! Order for the team &...

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  • Customize your team's bag with a personalized bag tag featuring your team logo, team colors, team name and last name and number of each of your players on the jersey. Tag designs available in all sports. Choose your sport. Tags available in sports of all sorts.

    Tournament Bag Tags

    Customize your own Stinky Locker Bag Tag. Click Bag Tags on the left to see sport tag variety available.  Custom features include; Your Name Your Number Your Team Name Team Colors Team Logo (Optional) Only $ 5.00 when...

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  • 8x10 Magazine Covers available for all sports. Upload your photo today!

    8x10 Magazine Cover

    You made the cover! Upload your photo and we'll create your own 8x10 Sport Scene Magazine Cover. Mag Covers can feature your photo, team logo (optional) and your player's name. Many issues available...

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    Upload your photos and we'll create your own custom photo colllage. Logo optional. Generic film strip can apply to any sport. Upload your photos today!

    8x10 Photo Collage

    Do you still have cd's sitting around the house with digital files on them that you planned on printing? Why not let us make you a custom 5 photo collage. Available in digital format or printed 8x10.Win a State Championship or Provincial sporting event?...

    Was: $49.99
    Now: $27.00
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  • Customize your phone with iDots. Build your brand of your business or team with iDots.

    iDots 6-Pack

    Customize your phone and show your true colors! Get a 6 Pack of iDots for only $ 7.99! Build the brand of your business, school or team with idots. Peel n Stick iDots are available for your iPhone, iPad, iTouch & more! Upload your logo...

    MSRP: $9.99
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  • Team & Individual Collage

    Upload your team & individual photo to create your own custom collage. Note: Photo 1 is portrait style and photo 2 is landscape (larger image). Any hi-res photo can be used not just team & individiual. T & I Collage features any portrait...

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    Display your costume with ease with the patented dance mount. Dance Mount

    Dance Mount

    Enjoy the easy installation and mounting of your Dance performance costume, slippers, shoes & accessories on any wall or ceiling. Our patented design will allow you to easily mount and remove your costume anytime.  Display your dancing...

    Was: $24.99
    Now: $20.00
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  • Upgrade and get a 3 pack or 8 pack. Upgrade and get a 3 pack or 8 pack.

    Single Sided Trading Card

    Customize your own trading card. Come with protective sleeve. Available in all sports. Cards can feature the following; First & Last Name Team Logo Team Name Customize trading cards with your photos. Trading card front requires an ideal...

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  • Trading Cards (Minimum order) - Set of 8 $ 25 Upload your photo to create your own Big League Trading Card. Card front features vertical photo, team logo, team name & player name. An order consists of a set of 8 cards.

    Trading Cards-Set of 8

    Customize your own set of trading cards. Set consists of 8 trading cards. Available in all sports. Cards can feature the following; First & Last Name Team Logo Team Name Jersey # Height & Weight Position Nickname Shoots Left or...

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