Band Tags

Personalized Luggage Tags for your Musical Instrument.


Fun & Personalized Luggage Tags for your Instrument Case.

Celebrate your love of the music with our full color 2 sided personalized band case tags. You'd be surprised how many people don't know what instrument you play by the shape of the case! Let them know what you play! 

Custom case tag features;

  • Your Name on the Locker
  • Your Instrument Template
  • Back of the tag features your name & contact details
  • Instrument Font Color (School Colors?)
  • School or Band logo (Optional)

Did you know... having your name on your case with a personalized tag can reduce the risk of theft when and if you case is ever left unattended? Makes sense right? Sure, someone could take off the tag and walk away with your instrument, but thieves are not stupid! A case with a custom tag, likely has an instrument with owner markings on it as well and frankly, why would they risk it, when most cases have no identification at all!

Buy bulk and save. Get 2 or more tags (duplicates of the same) for only $ 4 each. Put your tag on your back-pack, suitcase, laptop bag & more!