Jersey Mount

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Displayed jerseys are a great interior décor statement for any sports fan. They are even better when they are autographed or actually used by a professional athlete. Whether you want to display your child’s jersey, your favorite team’s colors or an autographed jersey, consider the Jersey Mount from Stinky Lockers.

These jersey displays are versatile and they make it easy to remove the jersey on game day or if you just want to change up your display. Don't keep your jersey in the closet! Take pride in your collectibles and team colors and display it with a Stinky Locker Jersey Mount! 


From Game Room to GAME Day in a SNAP!

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    Stinky Lockers Jersey Mount-3 Pack Stinky Lockers Jersey Mount-3 Pack

    Jersey Mount

    Enjoy the easy installation and mounting of your game day jersey on any wall or ceiling. Our patented design will allow you to easily mount and remove your jersey anytime for game day! The Jersey Mount is available in 22" size ideal for all jersey types...

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