Customized Hockey Water Bottles - Never Lose Them Again

Customized Hockey Water Bottles - Never Lose Them Again

Posted by James Dewar on 19th Sep 2022

Have you just lost your favorite water bottle again in the arena during practice? Are you tired of losing your water bottle again and again? Well, we have brought you an amazing idea that will ensure you never lose your hockey water bottle again, or nonetheless, if you lose it, you will still get it back.

We offer you an exciting solution to keep your water bottles safe and make them look voguish. Customized hockey water bottles are the new talk of the town. You can now put stickers of your name, number, team logo, or color on your water bottle to ensure that everyone knows it belongs to you. So even if you lose it in the arena, someone might find it, recognize your name or number, and probably return it to you.

To all the worried parents out there who are tired of buying your kid a new hockey water bottles every other month just because they lose it, mellow out. Now you can ensure your kids do not lose their bottles by sticking them with their names or numbers. Kids love custom-made things, especially for them. They take extra care of the stuff with their favorite color or name on it. 

Here are some of the features that will convince you why you should go for a personalized hockey water bottle sticker instead of the regular ones:

Personalized Name & Number:

If you want to, you can put any name or even a nickname on the water bottles. Putting your name on the bottle creates an emotional attachment to it, and thus you will be more careful not to lose it. The same goes for your squad number. Everyone has a number on their shirt with which they relate to. You can also put a sticker of your number on the bottle. Others in your team will also recognize that it’s your bottle and will hand it to you if they find it.

Variety of Stickers:

There are a variety of stickers you can choose from. However, for the hockey water bottles, the most popular stickers would be of a player or goalie. However, it can still be customized according to our valuable customer needs.


You can get your water bottle color as similar to your jersey color. We offer a variety of colors that you can choose from that matches the look of the bottle you are going for. There are so many DIY ideas that can be your goal.

Dishwasher Friendly:

Yes you can put our decals on bottle and put the bottles in the dishwasher. Mostly customized water bottles are not dishwasher friendly but not the ones you buy from us. We provide high-quality decals that are water as well as scratch-proof. You can either hand wash them or let the dishwasher do its job. The customized hockey water bottles will be as good as new.

Fun for the Kids:

Let’s face it; kids love it when their objects have their name, number, or matches with their jersey color. They enjoy such things and take extra care of them. These customized hockey water bottles serve as the perfect sports gift for your kids or to gift their teammates on their birthdays.

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