4 Ways To Make Your Child Feel Extra Special on a Team

4 Ways To Make Your Child Feel Extra Special on a Team

Posted by James Dewar on 11th Dec 2023

Participating in team sports can have a positive impact on a child’s life. In addition to learning new skills, team sports can also help children develop social skills, confidence, and self-esteem. However, being a part of a team can be challenging, especially for kids who may not feel like they’re standing out among their peers. Taking steps to make your child feel extra special on their team will be crucial to ensuring they get the most out of this experience. We’ll share four simple and effective ways you can do just that.

Ask for One-on-One Training

One method for making your child stand out is investing time in their individual development. While team practices and games are important, one-on-one training can be valuable as well. Consider hiring a coach or scheduling private lessons to help your child improve in specific areas. When your child sees that you want to invest in their development, they’ll feel more confident in their own abilities.

Celebrate Individual Achievements

Group sports are inherently team-oriented, but you need to recognize individual achievements as well. When your child achieves something great, whether it’s scoring their first goal or making an impressive play, celebrate it! Recognize their achievement with a special dinner at their favorite restaurant or a night out at the movies. Making your child feel celebrated and appreciated for their individual accomplishments shows them that they’re a talented athlete.

Cheer Their Name at Games

You can also make your child feel extra special on a team by showing your support and cheering them on at games. Rather than cheering for the team as a whole, try calling out your child’s name specifically. When they hear their own name, it lets them know that you’re watching them and that you believe in them.

Buy Custom Merch

Another effective strategy is to purchase custom gear or merch. Consider buying a jersey or T-shirt with your child’s name or number on it or even ordering custom hats or bags for the team. When your child sees that you’ve taken the time to purchase something specifically for them, it can make them feel like a rock star with their own collection of fans.

Playing on a team can be a wonderful experience for children, but you need to take steps to ensure your child feels valued and supported. Stinky Lockers offers a diverse series of custom team accessories that you can use to make your child stand out. Customize our products with their likeness and number, and you have a great way to show your support—both during game days and practices. Shop with us to find the perfect match for your young athlete and their teammates.

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