4 Tips for Waterproofing Sports Stickers and Decals

4 Tips for Waterproofing Sports Stickers and Decals

21st Mar 2024

Stickers and decals are a unique and effective way to show support for young athletes. However, in the face of weather and typical wear, these emblems can quickly fade or peel. Your kid’s pride in their sports accomplishments is worth preserving! Therefore, we’ve compiled some easy tips for waterproofing sports stickers and decals to keep them looking top-notch.

Choose Waterproof Materials

Your first step in ensuring your sports stickers hold up against moisture is to buy decals made with quality materials. Cheap adhesives or low-quality vinyl will react poorly to water, leaving you with a soggy mess. Opt for outdoor-grade stickers specifically designed to withstand the elements and washing. Outdoor-grade vinyl is thicker and more durable, so it won’t curl at the edges or break down when wet. Just remember, a few extra dollars spent on better materials can save you time and effort in the long run. Look for products that explicitly mention waterproofing and UV resistance for optimal sticker performance.

Use Proper Application Techniques

Proper application is just as important as the sticker’s initial quality. Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free of dirt or dust. If possible, use a mix of mild soap and water to clean the area, then dry completely before applying the sticker. Avoid household cleaners, especially those containing ammonia, as they can leave a film that interferes with adhesion. After prepping the surface, apply the sticker carefully. Smooth out any air bubbles with a squeegee or a credit card, working from the center outward. This ensures the sticker is fully sealed and less likely to trap water underneath.

Seal With a Protective Layer

Another crucial tip for waterproofing sports stickers and decals is to follow up their application with a sealant. Even the highest-quality stickers can benefit from an extra layer of protection. After applying the sticker on a surface like a car window, consider using a clear, waterproof sealant spray. Make sure it’s compatible with the sticker material and that it’s intended for outdoor use to avoid discoloration or damage. This step not only adds another level of waterproofing but also provides a barrier against UV rays, which can cause fading.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Above all, don’t set it and forget it! Your sports decals need a little TLC to stay in top condition. Regularly inspect them for any signs of wear, especially around the edges. If you notice any peeling or lifting, address it immediately. You might need to reseal the edges or even replace the sticker entirely.

Whether your young athlete’s sticker is on a water bottle, a helmet, or a car bumper, you deserve to show off their accomplishments with pride. Following these four simple tips will keep their stickers looking great, season after season. It also helps to purchase your custom hockey stickers, basketball decals, or other sports stickers from Stinky Lockers. Our collection features premium vinyl products designed to last for months with the proper care. Browse our selection today to design the perfect sticker to show off your child’s accomplishments.

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