Stinky FAQ's  

Question: Where do you ship to?

Answer: We ship to Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Sweden, Switzerland & Japan. For other countries, please email us at

Question: How long does it take to get my order?

Answer: Production time: It takes us 24 to 72 hours to make custom orders depending on what you have ordered. To be able to offer water resistant and dishwasher friendly decals requires custom printing on 3M vinyl. They then off-gas for 24 hours before you are able to laminated them and then send them off to be contour cut and sent to packaging.

Delivery time: Is depending on your choice of shipping at checkout. Our free delivery is with mail delivery and is typically between 7-12 business days for delivery. During peak delivery times in both Canada & USA, orders can take longer. IF you upgrade to express shipping, it can be an estimated 3-4 business days for delivery time. 


Question:  I have not received my order, what’s next? 

Answer: Depending on your choice of shipping will determine if you have tracking. Our free shipping is with mail delivery with Canada Post and the United States Postal Service (USPS) and our free letter-mail delivery does not offer tracking. Typically most orders are delivered between 7 to 12 business days. (Business days refers to Monday to Friday and does not include the day it was considered shipped).

Please keep in mind, most custom orders take 48 to 72 hours to create and then the order is ready for your choice of shipping.

Example: An order placed Thursday the 3rd might be ready to leave on the 5th (Saturday) but won’t actually leave until Monday, the 7th. Then you can expect your order 7 to 12 business days starting on the Tuesday the 8th and an estimated delivery window of Mar 16-23.

 Alternatively, if you upgrade your shipping on checkout to Shipping with Tracking, you will get your order quicker and your order will get assigned a tracking number. Delivery times will vary based on your location and delivery services being offered in your area. Stinky Lockers reserves the right to select the carrier for courier but tracking numbers are assigned on all upgraded shipping orders.


Question:  What if it’s been longer than 12 business days delivery for the free shipping? What’s next?

Answer: Canada Post & USPS mail delivery does not offer a guarantee on delivery times. Throughout the year, delivery times will vary based on the volume of mail being processed. Occasionally, weather and road closures can also delay deliveries. We appreciate your patience during busy times and understand it can be frustrating waiting for your order. Plan ahead and order as early as possible so you can take advantage of free delivery. Alternatively, you do have the option of the shipping upgrade with tracking if you are running short on time.

In the event your order has taken longer than the “estimated” time, we ask for your patience. Please reach out and let us know it has not yet arrived by email to We will send you an order update along with a request to verify your mailing address along with an image of the envelope you are needing to keep an eye out for. Often times, the order will arrive in a few days.

In the unlikely event the order does not arrive. After 39 days from the date you placed the order, we will deem the shipment lost in transit and will reproduce your order and send it again. Until, 39 days have passed, we will need to wait on Canada Post or USPS for the delivery.


Question:  What are the bag tags made of?

Answer:   Our tags our full color , 2 sided printed on PVC and come complete with 6" loop to attach to your equipment bag.

Question:  Is there a minimum?
Answer:  No! You can buy a single tag for $ 5.00 plus shipping and handling.

Question:  How much is shipping?
Answer:  Our store free shipping is standard lettermail with either Canada Post or the United States Postal Service. 

Most orders take 1-2 days processing time and between 7-12 business days for delivery. During peak delivery times in both Canada & USA, orders can take longer. 

There are not tracking numbers on our Free mail delivery. Optionally, during check-out you may upgrade to our Express Delivery by courier. Most express orders take 1-3 business days and DO have tracking numbers assigned to the delivery.

Question:  Do you ship to the US?
Answer:  Yes! We ship within the 48 Contiguous United States.

Question:  Can we order for an entire tournament?
Answer:  You bet! We specialize in tournaments, association & sport camps. Send us your team rosters with team name, player name and jersey numbers and we'll create a custom tag template for each team. Include the team colors and we'll change the jersey color in each locker scene to reflect their team colors! Request a Tournament Quote today.

Question:  How do we choose jersey color?

Answer:  When you use our cart check-out you will be given the option to choose one of 50 jersey color combinations. Move you mouse over the laundry room of images to view a larger image of the jersey color combination. Once you have located a jersey that best matches your team color, click it. If for some reason your team colors are not available, use the text box to describe the color combinations using CMYK colors for reference. Note: Identify "dominate color first ie. White Jersey with blue stripes and appropriate CMYK numbers.


Question:  How is a tournament order sorted?

Answer:  We ship tournament orders sorted by team. Each team's order is checked and double-checked for their accuracy. All tags come complete with 6" loop and are bagged separately.


Question:  What are your tournament prices?

Answer:  Tournament are our specialty. Send us your tournament numbers and let us know what product(s) you are interested in and we'll email you a Tournament Quote. It's that simple.

uestion:  Can we customize the tags with the team or tournament logo?

Answer:  You bet! Email us your logo and we'll include the logo in the email proof before production. Ideal file format is jpg, however tiffs, pdf, word documents and publisher is acceptable as well.

Question:  Are the tags printed on both sides?

Answer:  Yes. The back of the tag features a contact/owner's information side to the bag tag at no extra cost! We recommend the use of a fine-point permanent marker to print your contact information on the bag tag. If you move or your contact information changes, use a nail polish remover to clean your tag and update your contact information!


Question:  Can I put a sponsor on the back of the tag?

Answer:  Sure! Many teams and tournament committees have sponsors pay for the bag tags! Email us or add your sponsor's Business Card to your order using the "Browse" and attach feature on the online order and we'll create the tags with your sponsor's message on the back of the card. Add $ 1.00 per tag order.

Question:  What is a "Parent/Fan Reference Card?"
Answer:  For an additional *$ 3.00 each we can ship you a second bag tag (without loop) that your parents/fans can use as a parent reference card to help them identify players with a name to the number! Ideal at the beginning of any season!                 

Question:  What are your forms of payment?

Answer:  Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account you can enter your Visa or Mastercard through our secured checkout.
Question:  What is the lead time for production?

Answer:  We print tags everyday and can always squeeze in a last minute order. Typically tags will be printed within 72 hours of receipt of the order.

Ideally, we require 3 weeks notice for tournaments. We understand many teams and tournaments don't receive finalized rosters until closer to the tournament or event. If you know you would like to order the tags for your tournament, please let us know so we can schedule the production time for your event. Couriered US orders take 5-7 days and all orders within Canada take 3-5 days.


Question:  How do you ship?

Answer:  We can ship using Canada Post or the US Postal Service. Courier shipping is also available with UPS or Fed-X. (Additional charges for courier shipments).



Question:  What is Lanyard and Loops Special?

Answer:  We have offered our Lanyard and Loop special to many Provincial and State Championships. For an additional $ 1.00 per tournament tag order we ship our bag tag orders complete with lanyard and loop so you athletes can use the Stinky Lockers as a Lanyard throughout the Tournament and then convert it with the loop to make it into the bag tag after the event.

Many tournaments have dressing room and lockers accessible to the athletes and coaches only. The Stinky Locker Lanyard is a great way to identify your registered players and the loop turns the keepsake into a valuable bag tag after your event.

Question:  What Sports or Tag Styles do you offer?

Answer:  We have many types and styles. The most popular of which are listed below. Email us if you don't see your sport or hobby and we will check our archives!

Big League Stick Label - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you apply the sticker?
Answer:  No special tools are required. The following steps will ensure your Big League Sticker will last the life of your stick!


  1. Ensure the stick is clean and dry.  Each label is shipped with an alcohol cleaning swab! The stick may also be cleaned with a clean paper towel saturated with isopropyl alcohol (IPA). If using 99% IPA mix it in a ratio of 2 parts water to 1 part IPA.  If using rubbing alcohol, do not dilute it.
  2. Wipe with a lint free paper towel before the IPA evaporates from the stick.  As the paper towel becomes dirty, discard it. A dirty towel does not remove dirt.
  3. Make sure the stick is completely dry.
  4. Peel the sticker from the backing paper and carefully position one edge along the stick.  Use your finger to slowly press the sticker down to the stick, squeezing out any air bubbles that may be present.  Once the sticker has been applied, use firm pressure to activate the adhesive. 


Question: Can I order just one?

Answer: Yes. However, many customers want extra labels for their back-up stick, road hockey stick, mini-stick & more! They make a great stocking stuffer and when you order more that 1 the price drops to $ 5 each! 

Question: I thought we weren't allow to put stickers on our helmet?

Answer: Yes. However, many customers want extra labels for their back-up stick, road

Question: I though we were not allowed to put stickers on our helmet?

Answer:  As of 2012, Hockey Canada released a bulletin and Hockey Canada will no longer remove a player's helmet from the play for the application of stickers.

All players within Hockey Canada must continue to wear CSA certified hockey helmets and the CSA sticker must remain on the helmet at all times.

Question: How do we order for an entire tournament?

Answer: Complete the online order form complete with roster names of players, along with jersey numbers, team color and the team logo, and that's it! We'll ship you the entire tournament of labels to hand out at your tournament. Each order will be sorted by team making it easy to distribute to individual teams. Each label is shipped with an alcohol cleaning swab! 


Question: How long does it take to get my order?
Answer: We print Big League Stickers every day! Depending on the back-log of production, a typical order will take one week to customize, print, laminate and cut. Most orders will ship between 7-10 days.

Question: What if I don't have a team logo?
Answer: Not a problem. If you do not submit a logo, by default we will put our "hockey silhouette" in it's place.


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