Where To Stick 'Em: Ideas for Custom Sports Decals

Where To Stick 'Em: Ideas for Custom Sports Decals

17th Jun 2024

There are many distinct advantages to customizing your child’s sports gear. In addition to making it easier to identify, it also allows kids to turn their gear into something that’s uniquely their own. If you’re looking for fun ideas for custom sports decals and where to stick ‘em, Stinky Lockers is here to help!


A wide range of sports require specialized protective gear, such as helmets. If you have to protect your head, why not do it with a little extra flair? Customizing the helmet with a distinct set of stickers can make it fun and easily identifiable. Add identifiers such as numbers, team names, or nicknames.

Sport Specific Gear

Many kids form an attachment to their specific gear. Items like baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, or tennis rackets all work as items to decorate with unique decals. If you’re looking for personalized hockey stick stickers, Stinky Lockers has customizable options for gear in almost any sport.

Sports Bags

When you’re thinking about where to stick custom sports decals, it may be a good idea to decorate the specific bag or case that you use to transport gear. Adding a decal, patch, or logo onto a bag can make it more distinct and easier to find. Many bags don’t have much that makes them visually distinct, so a bright, vibrant sticker can make the carrying case a more unique part of your child’s sports activities.

Water Bottle

For young athletes, hydration is key. Make it even better with a personalized water bottle your child will love and never lose track of. You can slap a unique and custom sticker right onto the water bottle and decorate it with their name, a unique design showing off their jersey number, or any other information you want.

Stinky Lockers offers a wide range of unique and personalized sports decals, so no matter what you’re looking for or what gear you want to place it on, we’re here to help! Contact us anytime to learn more about what we have to offer and see how we can make a visually stunning, one-of-a-kind piece for your kid’s next game!

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