How do you put and protect the water bottle stickers?

How do you put and protect the water bottle stickers?

Posted by James Dewar on 9th Jul 2022

How do you put and protect the water bottle stickers?

Water bottles have become an essential part of our daily routine. It is not only because it is easy to access water when you are on the commute or working. These bottles help you to stay hydrated and ensure your body is working properly. While on one hand, the bottles became a necessity, people shifted their preference for bottles as well. Now you have so many materials, types, colors, and customizations to choose the perfect bottle for yourself. With that, the huge trend started of using water bottle stickers that were the perfect way of self-expression.

Today, we have so many options for these stickers that can be your favorite brand, quotation, dialogue, lyrics, personality, and anything you like. Some top companies are working out to bring you the best quality in these stickers so you can enjoy them at every sip.

How to correctly put on the water bottle stickers?

Firstly, make sure that the bottle you are using is clean. You can wash it and then clean it with a microfiber cloth or a tissue. The bottle should not have any dust or debris on it. Even there should not be any soap left on the bottle so make sure you wash it perfectly. You can also add some isopropyl alcohol on a dry cloth to wipe the bottle. Sometimes there is a manual that comes with the bottle and a wipe of isopropyl alcohol.

Make sure that you are wiping in one swift direction with a paper towel. Do not use any regular cloth as it can leave some fibers behind. Now peel off your sticker from one side and start placing it from the edge of the bottle wherever you like. Slowly by using your fingers tap from the edge to the end where you will paste it. Make sure that you take your time with this process as you do not want any bubbles to become under the sticker.

Now, it is common for you can get an air bubble. You can remove it by using a hair dryer and heating the sticker. Slowly tap the area with your finger and swift it to the edge to remove it under the sticker. You can also use a pin on the area which will remove the excessive air under the sticker. It won’t affect the overall look of your sticker and you will have your customized bottle ready.

How do you protect the water bottle stickers?

●Ideally, it’s important that if you are washing your water bottle make sure to do it by hand. Avoid putting it in the dishwater otherwise the sticker will get defective or shorten the life expectancy of the sticker.

●Do not put the water bottles in direct sunlight or rain. If you are using vinyl decals then you can otherwise the stickers will be affected.

●You can apply a clear epoxy to cover the stickers as it will make sure that they are not stained. When we are using the bottles, our hands can be dirty or the food can be oily. So, you have to make sure that the stickers are clean and dry. Some water bottle sticker producers will put a laminate on the sticker which will extend the life of the sticker.

And you may be asking yourself, can water bottle stickers go in the dishwasher? You bet, all of our decal are laminated 3M vinyl and are dishwasher friendly!