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3 Star Combo for only $ 10! - This is a Limited Time Offer

Your team manager would like to know if you would like to order the 3 Star Combo for your player. The 3 Star Combo, as shown below includes 1 Personalized Stick Label, 1 Custom Bag Tag & 1 Personalized Water Bottle Decal. Each item will feature your team logo, your players name, number and your team colors.
The price is only $ 10! Please let your team manager know if you would like to order.3-star-combo.jpg

  • Have your kids ever left at stick on the bench or in the dressing room?
  • Forget your water bottle and went back to the rink to find it gone?
  • Have you ever ran to the dressing room to grab their neck guard and you don't know who's bag is who's?

We have the solution. Get the 3 Star Combo from Stinky Lockers and get all 3 for only $ 10.

  • 1 Custom Bag Tag
  • 1 Personalized Stick Decal
  • 1 Custom Water Bottle Decal
hockey-tag-sku.jpg stick-labels-slide.jpg the-water-bottle-v2.jpg

 Looking for a tournament player gift? Let us give you a tournament quote! From as only *$ 3.95.