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Water Bottle Label

Custom Water Bottle Decalswater-bottle-decals-2017-v3-lo-res.jpg

Our personalized water bottle labels will ensure no one else steals your drink when you need  it most. Go all out and splash team spirit all around with your own personalized water bottle decal featuring your name, number and logo!

Your bottle design is themed to your sport.

Peel and stick these laminated and water resistant decals to your existing plastic or stainless water bottle.

Did you know Hockey Canada now requires every player of minor hockey in Canada to have a water bottle with their name on it? 

Hockey Canada Bulletin 9/7/2001

There has been concern shown over the potential health risks related to the sharing of water bottles by players, officials, coaches and other participants. The Canada Hockey Safety Program recommends the following protocol as it relates to the use of water bottles.

"Good team hygiene includes ensuring all players and staff have their own water bottles to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria. Bottles should be labeled and washed after each practice or game."